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Uploading Bulk Designs into The Trade Desk

Some uploads are easier than others, and for some, we decided that it's important to provide our customers with information that might ease the process for you when uploading designs on certain platforms.

In this case we will be looking at a special requirement from "The Trade Desk" when uploading HTML5 designs in bulk that you might have created in Bannersnack through the multi-design generator.

There are two main things that we must take into consideration before uploading and they are related to the spreadsheet that you will have to fill up during the actual upload process.

The first is selecting the correct spreadsheet if you're uploading bulk designs through the template provided by The Trade Desk. Ensure that you are using the "Hosted HTML 5" sheet as the document opens the "hosted display" sheet.


Second, once you've opened the template spreadsheet, you will have to navigate to column H and J to specify the click tag and it's value. 

Column H requires the value TRUE while column J requi6res  the value "clickTag" which might need to be imputed manually by the party doing the upload. This applies if you've checked the clickTag parameter in Bannersnack before exporting your design.




Once you've finished with these steps, you can save the document and move on to the next steps as instructed by The Trade Desk, to upload your HTML5 bulk designs.

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