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New redesigned workflow!


We always identify new ways to improve your experience at Bannersnack. And lately, we discovered that we all need more TIME. 


Time to concentrate on creating one-of-a-kind, fast and efficient, high quality and bold visual content. That’s why there are some processes that can be simplified for you to focus on the design itself. Steps that are easier to follow, to improve the flow.


Meet the newly redesigned flow on the “Create New” section and enjoy a fresh new look, a distinctive design, a modern and friendly appearance, a time-efficient approach.


Whether you want to create a display, social media or a print design you can easily find the desired size templates by just scrolling down into categories or by searching for design sizes, formats, or templates by keywords.  Of course, you can also design a new composition by just uploading your .psd file.




We added the same workflow across the entire platform so the Generator got the same upgrade.

On top of that, we integrated the Templates categories in the new workflow so you could easily sort out templates, search for a  specific one or preview the set before generating it.




Please let us know what you think about the new workflow by reaching out on the Live Chat and stay tuned, more updates to come!






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