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Redefining the Export Workflow

Following our most recent update, you might have noticed some changes in our export flow which include the disappearance of our save button from the editor, a new download interface and an auto-save feature so that you will never loose your work again.


Introducing Auto-Save

Say Goodbye to loosing a three hour project over your browser crashing. With the introduction of our very own auto-save feature which allows you to work continuously without having to worry about a potential loss of progress.

The save action is triggered within a second after changes have been made on the design, the information being constantly overwritten to keep your design up to date, live, as you perform different tasks on it.



Redesigning the save button

Since it is no longer necessary to save the banner, we have replaced the save button with a new download dropdown so that you can download your creations directly form the editor. To exit the editor, simply click on the workspace button found in the top left corner of your display.

The same changes apply across our entire platform meaning that your workspace download button along with the download section from the view panel of the design, will both have the same visual representation as the one found in the editor.



Improving Export Variations

You can now manage the settings of your designs using the new download interface to change aspects such as quality and clicktags, enable and modify the embed code, or even grab the AdTag script, all of which are done from a single interface.




















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