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Using the Giphy Widget

Apart from the numerous available resource formats, the GIF is a popular one, and it has its place in our library. The integrated Giphy software opens up the opportunity to use the world’s most known and requested GIF library right from within our design platform.


Uploading & adding GIFs to your design

Placing a GIF on your design, from our GIPHY widget, respects the same workflow as the rest of our element placement methods, and does not differ in any way from the workflow through which Cliparts or Images are added.


Just like all of our other libraries, the Giphy library can be found in our Elements section within the Design Editor or in the “New Layer” section within the Design Generator. Using the widget, you can search through a vast database of GIF assets and find the one that best fits what you are trying to achieve.


Editing your GIFs 

Apart from adding the animated GIF itself, like the various other elements within the timeline, you can control different settings such as the length of the GIF, add a build-in and build-out effect or even trim some of its content to leave only a specific portion running on a loop.



The feature also benefits from of the same controls as our MP4 files, those being the ability to show player controls, enable/disable autoplay along with an option that allows you to loop the element.



Note*: Please note that we are using the .MP4 as a source for the element that is added from GIPHY in order to provide better performance. As a result, all GIHPY elements behave like videos in the editor. 

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