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Working with Clipping Masks

What is a Clipping Mask?

A clipping mask is nothing more than a shape to which an image or a video is added from within our design platform or from your personal device, in order to display the element in the portrayed shape. 



Adding a Clipping Mask

Creating the mask/image group is a two step process as you would first have to add the shape(mask), then place your desired image or video into that mask in order to merge the two into one element. This will not create a group layer as the mask layer will take upon itself the properties given by either the image or video.

To place an element into a mask, just grab it from your library, drag it onto the mask that you've already placed on the canvas, and let go once it snips into place.



Adjusting the elements inside the Masks

You can always change the image/video, or the mask itself by dragging and dropping a new one into the canvas and waiting for it to snap into place before letting go of the click button. This way you can experiment with different shapes and creatives to achieve your desired result before saving the design.



Furthermore, you can edit the relative position of the element inside the mask using the crop feature for both images and videos. This way, you will always be able to highlight and align the element towards achieving your desired aspect.



Clipping Masks in the Generator

Masks are also available in the Design Generator having the same function, applying the layer on multiple sizes at once. In this case, masks can be applied in bulk along with the element linked to them(image/video), but will require individual editing if you require a different positioning of the element within the mask using the crop feature. To edit a single size from a set and apply a crop format, just double click the size and you will be taken into individual edit mode. From here, you can perform your necessary adjustments that fits each particular size.



Note*: Clipping Masks are not yet compatible with our Giphy integration, however, we have started taking steps into achieving this capability. At the moment only uploaded GIF's can be used along with Clipping Masks. For more information related on the subject, please feel free to contact our chat support team.

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