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Copy/Paste Element Styles

Our copy & paste feature allows users to copy the visual styles from an existing design element and paste it onto another single element or even on a group, in order to maximize productivity and gain time. Depending on the selected layer, different style components will be available to copy, however, the action is only possible in between elements of the same type, meaning that a style cannot be copied from an image to an illustration, for example.

The option can be found in the properties bar. Once the icon is clicked, the style of the selected layer will be copied. The paste action will be available for one click (except the times when alt key is pressed - in that case the user can paste to multiple elements). The action is only available in the stage area, allowing users to switch between slides. 



This can be observed when attempting to perform a style paste, by looking at the small roller icon when copying a style and hovering the cursor over another element. If pasting the style is possible the roller will change its color to black while remaining white if the element has a different type notifying you that pasting these properties is not possible. 



A style cannot be pasted from an SVG type element onto a vector type element. In this case, our vector elements are composed out of the four available preset shapes from the SHAPES section. These particular elements have extensive properties and are composed out of CSS script giving them more flexibility in terms of graphical capabilities. They can have styles pasted in between them but not from other shapes or vice versa.



All other svg elements from our library such as shapes, lines, icons, illustrations and brand logos are compatible with each other and can be used together when applying a "style paste".



How does it work?

 The feature mainly captures the first succession of applied styling options and pastes them onto your desired element while maintaining the settings that precede the ones that are modified, meaning that if your illustration has 7 color sections, and you are trying to paste the style onto an illustration with only 4 sections, only the first 4 schemes will be used.



Each element, depending on its build, will allow for specific styling properties to be copied and pasted as not all elements are made equal. Images will allow you to paste properties from the color section, or even scale crop (if applicable), texts will keep the color and text section, buttons will also keep the border and so on. In general, styling properties define how an element displays in terms of color and overall style making it easy for you to identify what exactly will be pasted when using the feature.


NOTES*: This feature does not support pasting animations.




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