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How do I migrate my Bannersnack account?

Are you thinking of migrating your Bannersnack account to Creatopy? It might be easier than you would have imagined.

Here's a quick showcase of the process and steps that you would have to take in order to successfully migrate your Bannersnack account along with all of your assets and designs:

  • First, you will have to create a free Creatopy account. You can do this from our main page, or you can just click here to be redirected.
  • Once you've created your free account, and accessed the main dashboard, use this link to start the migration process.
  • After you have opened the link, click on Migrate, and type in your Bannersnack email so that we can send a verification code and make sure it's you.
  • Check your email address for the verification code, type it in the required field, and click on Confirm account.
  • Choose whether you want to keep or discard your current active ad serving tags
    NOTE: If you choose to deactivate the adserving add-on, all of your active campaigns will be closed, along with all available adtags. New tags can be generated in Creatopy and re-uploaded onto your DSP
  • Then, you will have to confirm which team members you are going to bring into Creatopy. Next to each member, you will have a dropdown that will present a few options:
    Team owner - Has admin rights and can dissolve the account.
    Admin - Can manage an account.
    Editor - Can create designs and manage assets and projects.
    Viewer - Can only view designs that they have been given access to without being able to create or edit. (This seat is free)
    Don't invite - Member will not be invited. (They can still be invited later)
  • Depending on how many days you are into your Bannersnack subscription, an additional payment might be required. Your current remaining time in Bannersnack will be converted into credits, so you will only have to pay for the time that was already spent. This will start a new subscription cycle.
  • Make sure you read the Migration terms before marking the checkbox. Once you're done, click on Migrate.

Here's a "short" GIF of the entire process;



During this time, your account will be accessible, so you may continue creating designs and going about your daily routine. You can track your progress live through a small discreet pop-up on the bottom right side of your screen.



Having trouble? Get in touch with us through our live chat bubble, or write an email to support@creatopy.com

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